Understanding Regional Pricing on GOG, Steam, and Epic Games

A Comprehensive Guide to Regional Pricing

Regional Pricing: An Unveiled Mystery of Gaming Platforms

When it comes to buying games online, you've probably noticed prices vary based on location. This phenomenon, known as regional pricing, is adopted by platforms like GOG, Steam, and Epic Games. In this article, we'll examine how regional pricing works on each platform.

Unpacking Regional Pricing

Regional pricing adjusts the price of games based on the economic conditions of different countries. This is done to balance purchasing power across regions, making games accessible to a wider audience.

GOG: Fair Pricing Policy

  1. Regional Pricing: GOG aims to offer the same price globally. However, if they have to charge more in your region due to distribution agreements, you get store credit to make up the difference.
  2. Price Adjustment: Store credits are added to your account automatically if a game costs more in your region.

Steam: Diverse Pricing Structures

  1. Regional Pricing: Steam’s regional pricing can be significantly cheaper or more expensive depending on the region. Developers decide how their games are priced in different regions.
  2. Price Adjustment: Unlike GOG, Steam doesn't compensate users if a game is priced higher in their region.

Epic Games: Emerging Player

  1. Regional Pricing: Like Steam, Epic Games allows developers to set regional prices. This can result in considerable price variations.
  2. Price Adjustment: Epic Games does not offer any form of compensation for higher regional pricing.

How to Check Regional Prices

Several tools allow you to compare game prices across regions. Websites like SteamDB for Steam, IsThereAnyDeal for GOG, and GG.deals for Epic Games can provide insights into regional pricing.


Regional pricing on gaming platforms is a reality for many gamers. GOG stands out with its Fair Pricing Policy, compensating users with store credits if a game costs more in their region. Steam and Epic Games allow developers to set regional prices, resulting in diverse pricing structures with no compensation mechanism. Always use regional pricing comparison tools to ensure you're getting the best gaming deal.

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